Search Process

The goal of an initial meeting is to develop a clear and thorough understanding to help set the partnership expectations. We will schedule meetings with key individuals who will be involved with the interview process and final hiring decisions. We will discuss the position requirements and the company culture in order to identify the desired hard and soft skills.

Target key competitors and viable companies to target potential viable candidate pools. We engage all techniques and resources in order to create a comprehensive list of potential candidates and referral sources to give our clients a comprehensive view of the candidate market.

We engage targeted individuals on our target lists to recruit directly or network with for referrals. Once we identify a candidate as a viable fit, we provide them with details about our client to give them a thorough understanding of the opportunity and company culture so they can evaluate their interest.

We target to submit 3 qualified candidates within 10 business days of executing the search agreement. We uncover details about the candidates that we share with our clients that are not apparent on their resumes.  This gives our clients a thorough understanding of the candidates’ qualifications, interest to consider new opportunities, relocation, compensation, personalities, etc.

We help manage the interview calendar between clients and candidates. We provide the candidates with the interview details and ensure they have pertinent information to thoroughly research the client.

Once the interview stages are complete and there is still mutual interest between client and candidate, we conduct and provide the client with 3 professional references.

We act as the intermediary between the client and candidate to ensure offer acceptance. We consult with our client on compensation modeling, offer presentation and negotiation tactics. We consult the candidate with resignation methods and how to expect and handle counteroffers.

Our goal is to ensure successful hires with candidates who are making positive impacts on our clients’ organizations. Our success is tied to the success of our clients and candidates.

The ideal candidate will have the perfect skillset, but we also understand how important it is for them be the right culture fit for your organization. This is important not only for the company, but for that new employee to identify and be attracted to the company’s culture in order for them to thrive and want to stay with the organization for many years.  Studies show that employees who identify with their company’s culture and values display higher levels of engagement and work satisfaction.

Our cultural assessment designed to understand your organization’s culture in order for us to identify candidates who will be the right culture fit.  Making culture fit a top priority in the interview process leads to a hire that will stay with your organization for many years.

Collabera Search Partners aims to be a trusted IT search partner for companies. Our team of sales and technology recruiters work with you closely to understand your requirements and deliver value.