What are the hottest hiring markets for 2018?

We heard and experienced many highs and lows in the 2017 hiring market. Information Technology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, among many others, saw an upward trend in recruiting. HR and recruiting professionals know all too well how important it is to keep an eye on these trends, as it affects their industry and the outlook for years to come. So, what will 2018 be like for job seekers? What are the hot markets for candidates? Is there new terrain for fresh graduates to explore?

Predicting the jobs or skills that will be in demand in 2018 is a tricky task for hiring professionals. But being armed with clear trends from the previous year provides a great kick-start to 2018’s possibilities. There are already a few areas that have great potential to become an even hotter hiring market in 2018.

Information Services recruitment will continue to drive the hiring industry. This buoyant market covers everything from the broadcasting and telecommunications companies to technology giants such as Google and Facebook. According to Forbes, employers in the sector expect to hire 60% more employees this year compared with last, the largest increase of any sector. Key roles to watch out for are: business intelligence analyst, data scientist, database developer, support analyst, network administrator, data security administrator and system administrator. Market interest in 4G and 5G technology, the spike in usage of digital wallets, and rising popularity of smartphones will be key instigators behind the spurt in job opportunities.

Engineering remains at the core of tech hiring. There will be a focus on areas such as production, supply chain, and product design. In short, quality engineering will remain in demand throughout the industry. An analysis of job postings for engineering professionals showed that 17% required skills in quality assurance, 11% in Six Sigma, and 7% in Lean manufacturing. The dawn of digital manufacturing will have a continuing effect on engineering for the near future, as more and more solutions and services become available on demand.

FinTech is on the rise. Financial Technology (FinTech) is fast becoming a game-changer, both for financial and technology sectors. Investments are being made in this sector globally. FinTech grew 11% in 2016, making it a $17.4 billion industry. There is an upward trend in digital payments and many startups are floating innovative ideas to handle currency transfers. This is forcing companies to reconsider the skills they need to thrive in a FinTech-driven environment. Hiring is expected to rise in this area, which makes it a hot market for candidates.

Healthcare is poised for rapid growth. With healthcare costs on a steep rise, there is mounting pressure from the government to provide evidence of positive health outcomes. Roles such as clinical researchers, quantitative analysts, marketers, sales representatives and patient engagement specialists will be up for grabs and hiring professionals will be on an active lookout for top talent. The blending of healthcare with technology paves the way for expanded investment in the industry. The implications for jobs in every aspect of healthcare cannot be underestimated.

Hot markets will draw quality candidates from across the country. A hot hiring market implies room for innovation, growth, and higher-than-average salaries. Candidates with great skills will be poised to make strong lateral moves. While we can predict which industries candidates may target, there’s always a chance that a new area can become the most desirable market for top talent.

Author: Liam Copsey