How to Tackle a C-Level Search?

Recruiting is a challenging task for any organization, but it becomes even more critical when they need to fill strategic executive level vacancies. C-Level executives define the company’s strategy, make high-stakes decisions, and ensure that the day-to-day operations align with the company’s strategic goals.

C-Level executive search is a process backed by strategy. There is a wide variety of executive talent in the market, but search firms are tasked to identify the right fit in terms of industry experience, leadership and cultural suitability. Recruiting C-Level candidates requires a thorough strategic process built on strong market intelligence and networking relationships.

When a search firm reaches out to executive level candidates, there is a high probability the candidates will not be actively seeking new opportunities. It is up to the search firm to uncover compelling reasons why a candidate would be open to a change, which could offer opportunities for the candidate to consider something new.

An effective executive search process requires a few crucial practices. Search firms must fully educate themselves on the opportunities they are representing, and clearly articulate why candidates should be interested.  They should create a map of all the possible candidates in the market and devise a plan of how to most effectively communicate with and attract the best talent pool.  They must be compelling enough to attract the strongest candidates, and confidentiality is at the forefront importance throughout the interview process.

Go beyond what you see on paper. Several factors are assessed throughout a C-Level search which include; relevant domain experience, academic and professional backgrounds, relationships throughout the industry, leadership presence, market value, peer-level performance and many others. Search firms must be able to recognize strong candidates beyond just what they read on a CV, and be able to clearly communicate these findings to their clients.

Author : David Hughes