How to Close Top Talent by giving a Great Candidate Experience

Corporate management spends valuable time and money to find and hire top talent. In the entire recruiting process, the candidate experience becomes the most crucial element as it serves as the main marketing source for the company. Delivering a great candidate experience is essential to attracting and hiring top talent.

For a great candidate experience, we need to take a 360-degree approach. From communicating the right message regularly and consistently in a friendly tone, to addressing the candidate’s queries, the best experience focuses on building lasting relationships across touch points. Clear communication becomes the backbone of transparency and the foundation for success.

Executive recruiters play a significant role in delivering a signature candidate experience. They are trained to deal with skilled, high-profile candidates who can help build on the company reputation. Recruiters follow their hiring playbook, professional abilities, and lessons learned from past experiences identifying and attracting the right candidates; and this, as the first interface for a candidate, creates a lasting impression.

Everything from discovery to the final offer matters for top talent. As part of the discovery phase,executive recruiters must make it a point to audit job descriptions to ensure they depict the role correctly. The recruiter must explain every step of the hiring process. If the company seems too bureaucratic, candidates can become disengaged. It’s the recruiters job to act as a buffer between the candidate and piles of paperwork and processes.

The pre and post-interview stages of hiring are crucial to closing top talent and rolling out the offer. The pre-interview phase is when the nerves run high for candidates.Regular communication is needed to restore the much-needed calm. The interview experience itself should be welcoming and simple. Equal focus should be given to help the candidate know more about the company and the role.

In the post-interview phase, candidates are eager for feedback. The company must ensure they communicate, regardless of the decision to move forward. The overall experience creates a positive impression that may result in the candidate reapplying or spreading positive feedback about the company. According to a survey by The Talent Board, 27% of candidates who had a negative experience would actively discourage colleagues and friends from applying to an organization. If the experience goes wrong, the right applicant can turn down the offer. A poor experience extends beyond the candidate and can reflect negatively on the company’s brand.

The experience companies give to candidates has a tremendous impact in the short and long run. When candidates are hired after a positive experience, they hit the ground running. They stay committed and positively participate in self-development that benefits the company. Even if they do not end up getting selected, candidates take the decision with respect and satisfaction and hope to re-apply for future postings. Little holds them back from referring or recommending friends or family to key roles. A great candidate experience therefore is an indispensable tool in employer branding.

Author: Liam Copsey