September 26, 2017

What is an Executive Recruiter ?

Executive recruiters have a remarkable knack for finding top talent. They work closely with their clients to help identify, attract, and place senior-level executives. These specialized recruiters fill mid-to-high level positions by undertaking a thorough search for experienced candidates. The aim of the executive recruiter is to take end-to-end responsibility for identifying a suitable candidate in a suitable time frame. Executive recruiters must possess certain skills to succeed. They must be able to communicate well with clients and prospective candidates. The ability to expertly balance client requirements and candidate expectations can […]
September 23, 2017
Executive Search Process

What are the steps for an Executive Search process ?

The search for C-level and other senior executive candidates, follow a formalized and structured process. For most companies, the first and most critical step to a successful search is partnering with the right firm. It’s important to engage a search firm that has strong clientele, social media presence, and a wide network of references. Working with an Execute Search firm with a great reputation and mature talent offerings will set the tone for the rest of the search process. Once the company decides to move forward with an Executive Search […]
September 13, 2017

How is Recruiting for Sales Executives different from other Executive Search categories?

Recruiting Sales Executives has traditionally been considered its own category of recruiting since these candidates are evaluated more heavily on their “Soft Skills” or personalities, than the other roles in an organization.  Sales Executives are the face of the organization to the outside world, and are usually the first touch point for potential customers. A talented Sales Executive will be able to quickly increase brand awareness, create a strong network, build a pipeline and close deals. Companies strive to make the best decisions when hiring Sales Executives, given what’s at […]