August 28, 2017

How to Tackle a C-Level Search?

Recruiting is a challenging task for any organization, but it becomes even more critical when they need to fill strategic executive level vacancies. C-Level executives define the company’s strategy, make high-stakes decisions, and ensure that the day-to-day operations align with the company’s strategic goals. C-Level executive search is a process backed by strategy. There is a wide variety of executive talent in the market, but search firms are tasked to identify the right fit in terms of industry experience, leadership and cultural suitability. Recruiting C-Level candidates requires a thorough strategic […]
August 16, 2017

Why work with an Executive Search Firm?

Companies adopt various approaches to fill open positions across job levels and departments. Posting on job portals or social media platforms like LinkedIn, maintaining internal sourcing teams in HR, employee referrals, and campus recruitment are some of the tried-and-tested approaches available to them. Yet, each of these consumes significant resources and good outcomes are not always guaranteed. In a fast-paced and competitive business environment, it is important for companies to manage the dual mandate of hiring fast and hiring the best. As anyone who has worked in the corporate world […]
August 14, 2017

How to work with an executive recruiter?

Finding top talent for key positions is tough. Even the best companies find it hard to win the intense talent wars of today’s competitive marketplace. Companies need to contend with several challenges when they set out to hire the best: fierce competition for highly-skilled talent, lop-sided geographic distribution (e.g. the over abundance of tech talent in Silicon Valley), and lack of expertise outside the company’s core focus areas. In-house talent acquisition teams can’t be expected to hire the best talent – at least not consistently. They don’t have both the […]